sábado, 17 de marzo de 2007

Yesterday’s rain at gym class

There we were, all the girls from 3rd polimodal sitting some in chairs, some in desks, because there weren’t enough chairs for all of us. It was our fourth gym period on the year and we still haven’t started doing “gym”… we just talk and solve problems of the “Club Colegial” and the sweaters of the class. Those are things we MUST solve… but why in gym classes? Is one of my favourite subjects, and it’s not because we don’t do anything, it’s because I do!! Why everything has to be solved in gym classes? There are a lot of other periods in the week!

As always, I got out of the topic I wanted to talk about…

There we were, all sitting down, with Marcela in front of us. She was silent, with an angry face; and we were all talking. When we realised that, we all made silence, and she started to ask (again) about the “Club Colegial”… Then one of the girls went out with the idea of doing the final vote for the sweater. Suddenly a very loud sound burnt in the air; it was all the girls shout together, at the same time, saying different things, with different opinions. In that moment I felt like “Why am I here? Why do they all shout like that?” It was one of the lots of discussions we have had before… I hate that!! It’s impossible to talk in that way… Everybody starts shouting, and get mad!! Nobody hears your opinion, they complain and don’t give solutions. Every single thing that we do together, the same happens… And I really hate those moments. When that happens, I really want to go out, running, and don’t hear a thing!

I turned my head left and my eyes walked through the window. The rain was still falling down. It seemed that the girls shout made it get angry so it fell stronger each time.

My eyes in only some seconds, contemplated the school’s garden, the grass, the trees, the clouds, the mountain (a bit farther) and the rain heavily falling. It felt great! I was there inside of the room, suffering from this unnecessary collective shout, argues and souls burning in fire because the sweater has a “CSP” in the left and not in the right. And I was there, getting mad of all the noise, when I could be outside, contemplating the rain and thinking about many things…

Then everybody noticed that Marcela was still waiting for them to be silent, and with lazy steps, silence came. The voting started in a few aspects of the sweater… but we can NEVER be all in agreement. We can NEVER have a conversation without arguing, we can NEVER be silent when we get all together.

When it was my time to vote, I came back to reality. I noticed that the loud sound wasn’t there anymore, but everybody was still talking. I left aside the window and the rain, and came back to the room. I hadn’t missed anything, I had won something.
Ups… I’ve just remembered that I had to write about insomnia… I promise that’s next!! I’ll lend the computer to my brother for a while, and then I’ll dedicate to it.

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=`.´= dijo...

that's exactly why i never participated in anything that had to do with interacting with my peers.
sounds kind of antisocial, but hey, who said i wasn't in the first place?!