sábado, 24 de marzo de 2007

Wonderful Being & Nobody Knows

Wonderful Being

Why are you crying wonderful being?
What’s happening to you?
Did someone do something to you?
What are you thinking of now?
Oh, please don’t cry
Are you feeling bad?
Cause if you are, so I am.
You are a part of me
If I see you crying, I cry too,
But when happiness reaches you
More than happiness reaches me.
So now please talk with me
Let’s solve our problem together,
Let’s be happy again,
Let me help you being happy,
Let me be happy with you.
What I love most is your smile
I want to see it again.
What’s your problem now?

When a friend of mine is feeling bad, it really reaches me…
I hate when people start with the typical “I can’t”, “It impossible for me to reach that”, or “I’m not good enough”. When friends are feeling sad, hopeless, depressed, without energy, I also feel that way. I sometimes may feel all this too, but I believe we have to try to solve problems out. I like giving my support to my friends, to people who need it. And maybe that’s what I need when I’m not feeling ok. Maybe the poem was written by me, to me. Who knows… if I don’t!?

This week I’ve been very busy and with no time for myself, that’s the reason I’ve been so tired. But Friday morning, I’ve been confused, silent, not knowing many things, like autistic, without energy, sleepy, without any reaction, with my eyes staring at just anything… I want your forgiveness! I’m sorry, but it has been a weird Friday morning, I didn’t understand anything and I couldn’t control myself. There were things in me, and acts I did, that I didn’t understand… So a song came to my mind: “Nobody knows” by Pink. These are the passages that I feel identified with:

“Nobody knows
Nobody knows but me
That I sometimes cry

Tomorrow I'll be there my friend

I'll wake up and start all over again

Nobody knows

Nobody knows the rhythm of my heart
The way I do when I'm lying in the dark

I think nobody knows

Nobody knows but me”

I feel that most of the time. But on Friday morning, I didn’t know even the rhythm of my heart, the way I was doing when I was lying in the dark. I couldn’t understand me. It was all a mess…

Vale Becker

2 comentarios:

=`.´= dijo...

We all need to feel sad and depressed to understand and value what being happy is.
You said it yourself on a previous entry ;)
Why don't you follow your own advice?

See you !!!

Charlie (Prof. Carlos Lizarraga) dijo...

I definitely feel the 'you' in your poem is actually yourself, which is closely related to the song... 'nobody knows but me' about crying and the sad feelings. The feeling of loneliness in the song is both endearing and oppressive! Interesting how the poem and the song are so intimate yet written to be read, which is a form of opening themselves -you in this case and the singer- to others. I guess it's no coincidence you put these two pieces together...