domingo, 11 de marzo de 2007

Changes in people

Well, today while I was doing my Global Studies homework, I read a phrase that caught my attention, and inspired me to write about. I really don’t know the way this is going to take, that’s why I am not posting very often… I find different to write in English… I feel that in Spanish words come easier to my mind, so I can write more fluently. But I guess that practicing here will be a good method to improve that.

As I said, I got inspired by a phrase in the text “You 2.0”. I haven’t read the whole text, as Caroline told us to read until “Overcome your fear of failure” (included); but in that section, I was caught by the last paragraph:

Not everyone will immediately take to the new you, warns psychologist Judith Sills. But such killjoys are probably responding to their needs rather than yours - the friend who skips your going-away party may be reveling in her sadness at losing your companionship. But ultimately, says Leahy, “If people close to you don’t like you now that you’re happier, then you have to ask yourself if they’re good people to have in your life.”

Sometimes people change, maybe for good, or for bad; but they change. People might be accustomed to see that person in a way, and when suddenly he changes, some get upset because the person is not as he used to be anymore. We can change in a lot of different ways, and when what we have become to has to do with someone’s life, they might be angry.

I feel I’ve changed a lot in the past 2 years, and I’m proud of that. I haven’t had the problem which is told in the text about but once. I used to be the same as the crowd, as all of my friends. We would go out together, go to a party, dance maybe, go to eat something by “the avenue”, or that kind of things that we all did. Then I started to find another way, other interests in life, new goals, new activities. My life turned around in a lot of aspects: I changed my clothes styles, the music I used to hear, I took up physical activity seriously, some other hobbies, my way of thinking, my mood, and my nights were different. I had no interest on going to a disco, or to a pub… I preferred a calmed night, talking with friends. Now I go to dance once in a while... but I’m not really fond of it. I feel different in some aspects to most people of my age.

So, my friends noticed the change in me and were happy because in my inside, I was another person. When my friends went to some parties, I used to stay at home… I preferred reading a book, being in my computer, or listening to music till late at night…

Once (not so long ago), I was going to go to a party, but suddenly all my interest ran away. I felt tired, sleepy, and nothing could change my mind. I wanted to go to bed early and sleep, after being out for 4 nights!! My friends, who I was going to go with, were angry because I had promised to go; they didn’t understand that I didn’t want to! We got all angry because of that problem. I am not of those persons that go to every single party… I go only to the ones that seem are going to be fun, and when all the group of friends go… because it’s difficult for me to have fun on that events.

So, I didn’t want to go to the party, and they got angry. At the same time, I was angry too, because they tried to convince me, knowing that it’s not what I really like, and beyond that, I didn’t feel like.

Going back to the piece of text I chose, I think that if you really like someone, you must accept how he is. And if he finds a new way of living that makes him happier, you must accept it. Why obliging him to do what he likes no more?

Maybe you are happier with the change of your friend, maybe you’re not. If you really don’t like “your new friend”, it’s better to let it go than to oblige him to do something. And, if you feel you shouldn’t lose that great person he is, you must respect him and do together what both have in common. The rest can be done each one by his side.

I analysed the text and even told my own experience! Wow! I think I’ve been doing this more than 20 or 30 minutes.
Vale Becker

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Caroline dijo...

Hi Vale! After trying so many times I could read your blog. It's amazing!
I share with you the idea of being inspired in the night, when nobody is at home, silence...and it's me thinking, eating, or solving a problem. I really get inspired during the night.
I like your reaction of You 2.0 and I'm happy you are a different person, because that means you grew up.
Could you print that reaction?
Thanks and go on !!

Charlie (Prof. Carlos Lizarraga) dijo...

You reflect freely and relate the idea you chose from the article to your personal experience. That's exactly what the assignment was about! Getting people to accept you fully takes quite a bit of energy, doesn't it? I totally agree with what you say, Vale.