jueves, 8 de marzo de 2007

Welcome to my world!!

Hi everybody,
Hi Charlie,
Hi Caroline,
Hi school partners!!

This is my blog.

Today I don't have time to write a lot more because I'm busy with a lot of things... but I just wanted to post something as my first entry, and also learn a bit how to use this...

I hope you like it, and we have a great year together!!

See you all,

I'm also at: www.fotolog.com/vale_becker

Vale Becker

2 comentarios:

Carlos Lizarraga dijo...

Hey Vale, this is nice! Feel free to post pics, videos, etc, i.e. anything that will make us enjoy your blog and get to know you. Keep it up!

=`.´= dijo...

Hi! I just wanted to let your teachers know that I'll never forget how much I loved being their student and how much I treasure everything they taught me.
You'll always be in my heart Carlos and Carolina!

Anita de la Peña ;)