jueves, 29 de marzo de 2007

Multitasking and me

Do I multitask? Yes, I do… but it depends on the activities I am doing. I always multitask while I’m at the computer, although there are some exceptions, like now, that I concentrate entirely in this writing. I read mails, chat with 10 people at the same time (sometimes), I listen to music, I download music, I write a mail, I leave comments on some fotologs and I search some images of artists and actors I like. As my internet connection is very slow, I do one thing while another is loading, and so on. I get really bored if I don’t. My parents can’t understand how I manage to do all that. Sometimes (before I loose my patience), I explain my dad that he can enter to the website he wants while the mails are loading, and he doesn’t understand. Once I’ve done it for him, and he has gotten angry because he wants to learn, no to have things done by another, he doesn’t remember which is the window that is loading each thing!
What I hate most is the chat conversations where there are more than two people, and I’m doing something else that requires not being in that window all the time. People talk and talk, and ask, and I’m in another conversation, and they start sending buzzes and I get mad!! Then comes the part where they start with “Who are you chatting with? Who is more important than us? Are you sleeping?” I don’t understand a single part of what they are talking about. Those conversations tend to be very stupid. When more than three people are chatting in the same window, I don’t know why, but they all talk insane things. I like that only when I’m really bored and doing anything else at the same time. So, I multitask when I’m in the computer, but I don’t chat in that crowded conversations. Also, when I have to write something, I prefer to do it without multitasking: I only think, read and write.
While I study I never listen to music. I always start singing and I loose my concentration. Yet I love doing math exercises with music! I do all my homework listening to it, except studying and reading.
Also, I have some friends that are chatting with someone else while they are talking in the phone! I don’t know how they can!! If I want to speak coherently, I can’t do both at the same time. I hate when I’m in the phone with one of them and they start answering to everything “Aha” “Ok” “Yes” and then they ask: “What did you just ask me?” I hate that!!! I don’t like loosing my time, and when they do me that, I just cut down the phone. And when I start hearing the keys, I threaten with doing it.
I don’t consider myself a person who multitasks too much. I do it only in the situations when I don’t need the attention of my complete mind. I prefer to do something well, concentrating all myself in it. If I try to do a lot of things in a short time, doing everything together, my mind is a mess and I don’t do ok any of those things.
That’s my experience with multitasking.


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