miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2007

My poetry

Some minutes ago I was checking my documents on mi computer, and fund something that I've written a think that a year ago... I don't know...

This is it:


My face quickly changed
That common sight ran out
An ear-to-ear smile came across
Obviously I was feeling good.

Breathing went difficult
My heart tried to get out
From my body; it hurt.
I wanted to shout it out loud.

Happy so happy, wonderful,
More than glad and joyful
Like I’ve ever felt before
In that moment my life changed.

And I love feeling that way!!! =)

Charlie, good luck on your surgery!!
We'll miss youuu!


2 comentarios:

Charlie (Prof. Carlos Lizarraga) dijo...

Nice poem! Really uplifting! I hope the last line is not a contrast but reinforcement of the idea developed before! I deleted the other comment because I found a typo! Hey, I look forward to reading more of your poems!

cons dijo...

hi sis!! i agree with charlie.. nice poem!!! i realised that we have a lot in common... sports.. poems.. music.. and a lot more... i really like the idea of "sisters". we're becoming close friends now and i love it... actually i never imagined i could be your friend one day...now that you know a little bit of my life and my likes and dislikes you can notice that we really seem to be sisters haha.... i like you a lot.. i really do... and thanks for your commets... and all the good things that you say about my blog.. yours is so cool, specially because it's in english.. i'm not as good as you are or as charlie is, but i can handle it...well i apreciate all your comments and i'm really sorry because i have no time to write comments on your fotolog or blog... i hope the best for you and please

tell me inmediatly if i have spelling mistakes!! haha kisses

cons >> your little sis..