viernes, 16 de marzo de 2007

Reaction to my poem about happiness and people's questions

I posted the poem of Happiness in my blog and flog, and people commented about it.

The last line of it was “not a contrast, but reinforcement of the idea developed before”... just as you said, Charlie!
People asked me why I was feeling so happy… And the moment when I wrote it was when I started to see light and to value a lot of things in life, last year. After my bad times round April and May, my life really changed. And that is written in the reaction to the paragraph I felt identified with, of the text “You 2.0”, in this blog. After that time my view of things changed enormously, I found what I was really looking for in life, what I was living for… in some way, I learned to live. After so much dark (many people didn’t ever notice that times I had) suddenly some little light flashes started appearing. They made me so good that I really valued them. I couldn’t believe that I came back home from school, happy! Smiling, because I had had a good day! When I wrote this poem was when I was feeling really that.

The poem is about some very good news that changed my life… But “the” notice I had was a sequence of events that made me stand up again. The happiness of little things... they can bring us so much joy!!! It’s wonderful!! The eternal happiness (what we all dream about) doesn’t depend on the “little things” and tiny acts or events that makes us smile. Eternal happiness is almost impossible. That state of joy is like a blanket that covers us, but always leaves a space uncovered. It comes, goes, hides, shows us its face, and then its back. We can find it, but we should know that it won’t be always there. Happiness is a mixture of lights and shadows, of joy and sadness. If we don’t know what shadows are, we will never know what light is. So, if we don’t ever suffer, we can’t be happy. We can’t really know what something is, if we don’t experience it or its opposite. Happiness isn’t found when we become rich or famous, nor at the end of life, but on our way through it. So we have to search for it, and when it appears, know how to graduate it and take advantage of it. But if it hides for a while, we must know that it’s not eternal. We will always find it once more. We won’t loose that game of “La Escondida”.

In our lives not everything is or will be perfect. We aren’t always on “well-lighted” places (like Hemingway’s bar). But it’s for sure that we know when we feel happy. It’s a state from which we don’t want to get out.

Ultimately I’ve been feeling so happy!!!! I’m satisfied with most of the aspects in my life (cause all of them, is imposible)… But if you ask me how I feel now, that head and throat are aching, I’d answer you that I’m really good, and happy. It’s my state nowadays, and has been for the last two weeks. Physical pain doesn’t last long (I guess so).

Ok, my idea was to write a couple of lines only, telling the ones who asked why I was feeling that happy, and to affirm Charlie’s doubt. But you know me… when I get inspired, anyone can stop me!! And if it’s an interesting theme, that really reaches me, uff! Also, let me tell you, that I still have a lot of things in my mind about the topic… But I won’t bore you.

If you want another post of happiness, go to my fotolog ( and on the archive look for the date 13/3/07, or 3/13/07, as it says there.

Just me… Vale

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=`.´= dijo...

I don't even know where to start... you remind me so much of myself when I was your age, but at the same time there are so many things about you that I wish I had the guts to do, or say when I was 17.
I've also had my dark days... but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I decided to leave that behind. It has taken me a lot of years and energy to finally understand that happiness is to be found in places you'll never look.
You've just oppened my brain, you made me think in lots of things I never really cared about, and that's what I admire in you... but I've already told you that before.
I'm just glad I found someone like you, and it also gives me hope for generations to come.
Ok, I've just realized I'm talking as if I were an 90 year old woman.
Gotta Go!!