jueves, 22 de marzo de 2007


Hi everybody! I’ve been very busy this week, as I had a lot of things to do. Now I have to study for 2 tests, so I won’t write much.

I want to show you some of my English poetry. Some of them were made as song lyrics… The only one I found in my computer is this one. The others are all in my notebook. So I will write them in here and them I’ll post them.

This one is about music. I think I’ve already posted it in my fotolog. But I’ve made a little change now. The end of it may depress you… I’m sorry for that! But it was written when I really felt that way, and I don’t want to change now the final part (as I don’t feel that bad round these times) because the original one was like that, and in that time… (last year, round March, April I think).

So this is it!


I’m rocking in my room
Alone, with my headphones on.
I’ve been like this for five hours
Keep rocking and rocking all day.

It’s my life, why don’t you try?
You’ll see how you feel
It’s my life, to rock and sing
Shout, feel the music in my veins.

Rhythm keeps my heart beating
Lyrics make my mind run and follow it
I don’t hear more problems
No bad news anymore.

I love submerging in that world
Where no one can hear me
Where I don’t hear anyone
Only music is with me.

But when my headphones turn off
Everything is dark, horrible and terrible
Bad news reborn, problems come back
Why can’t I live with nothing else than music in my ears?

I really love music!

Vale! ♪

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Charlie (Prof. Carlos Lizarraga) dijo...

I like the contrast between the feelings with the music on and then when it's off at the end when there's no more evading reality, and you have to face what maybe you didn't want to when you decided to listen to turn on you iPod...