jueves, 15 de marzo de 2007

"The Spirit Carries On" by Dream Theater

Hi everybody… as I told Piru last class, I want to post something about insomnia. The ones that enter to my flog (www.fotolog.com/vale_becker) often, I think they read an entry about that topic, which I posted last year. I wrote it on an insomnia night. But last class, with Charlie, he told us to write about that, but imagining as we were on the place and situation, and to describe everything we would here, smell, see, and all the things we would think about. The idea was really good… and some things I wrote about last class, were in my flog too. So I told her that I was going to post something about it. I’m going to mix both: my flog and the one I wrote in class…
But now I’d like to share with you a song that reflects what I think. I listened to it for the first time very short time ago. (Leo thank you for your good recommendations on music!! And also to my dad, who liked Dream Theater, and bought 8 CD’s!!! He’s an abuser!! =P)
Well... while Charlie was talking last class about death, the eternal sleep, the eternal dreaming, and all that theories of dying while sleeping, this song came to mi mind. It’s called “The Spirit Carries On”, by “Dream Theater”.
“Where did we come from?
Why are we here?
Where do we go when we die?
What lies beyond
And what lay before?
Is anything certain in life?

They say, life is too short,
The here and the now
And you’re only given one shot
But could there be more,
Have I lived before,
Or could this be all that we’ve got?

If I die tomorrow
I’d be alright
Because I believe
That after we’re gone
The spirit carries on

I used to be frightened of dying
I used to think death was the end
But that was before
I’m not scared anymore
I know that my soul will transcend

I may never find all the answers
I may never understand why
I may never prove
What I know to be true
But I know that I still have to try

If I die tomorrow
I’d be alright
Because I believe
That after we’re gone
The spirit carries on

Move on, be brave
Don’t weep at my grave
Because I am no longer here
But please never let
Your memory of me disappear

Safe in the light that surrounds me
Free of the fear and the pain
My questioning mind
Has helped me to find
The meaning in my life again
Victoria’s real
I finally feel
At peace with the girl in my dreams
And now that I’m here
It’s perfectly clear
I found out what all of this means

If I die tomorrow
I’d be alright
Because I believe
That after we’re gone
The spirit carries on”

What a good song!!! Now I don’t have much time to make all the text about insomnia… that will be tomorrow, or the day after.

See you all!!!

Vale Becker

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=`.´= dijo...

Hmmm... I've "suffered" from insomnia for the last ten years of my life. And believe me, they have been the most productive years ever. Every night, when I can't sleep, the best ideas that could ever pop out of me, come out as easy as a sneeze. It's like my brain works better than ever when I'm in that "insomniac state". I guess you know what I mean, since we're so much alike.
Anyway... I guess I'll be waiting for that specific post of yours on insomnia. By the way, excellent song.
Oh... and there's a new book called "Jamás moriremos", written by a doctor/physist/priest/spiritual master about life after death... GREAT book, pretty interesting and heartwarming message.

Besote V!!! ;)

Charlie (Prof. Carlos Lizarraga) dijo...

Vale, I love the song! Where did this 'Dream Theatre' come from? Gosh, I guess I'm a bit out of touch with certain types of music, or am I getting old?? Anyway, do you have a copy of the song?? I'd love to listen to it and maybe use it in class. The lyrics offer so much for discussion... Thank you for sharing this! (And, by the way, I'll be somewhat nosy... whose comment is the other one (March 16)?