jueves, 21 de junio de 2007

What makes you happy?

There is something that happens to me very often, and today, paying attention to the lyrics of a song I know from a lot of time ago, I found that concept! Did you ever feel that you were doing something you shouldn’t because you had plenty of more important things to do? Did you ever feel you were doing nonsense things, but you really enjoyed doing them? Do you consider you like doing things you would never tell the world you do? That’s something that happens to almost every one of us, I think. Why should we feel sad or bad about that if it is something that makes us happy? The song is “If it makes you happy”, from Sheryl Crow, and the chorus says like this:

“If it makes you happy

It can't be that bad

If it makes you happy

Then why the hell are you so sad?”

It is so true! If it makes you happy, feel proud that you like that. It makes you happy, so don’t feel bad! Others will see you strangely or might think whatever about you… but the problem is that they haven’t found what you’ve found on that activity. People might think what you do is nonsense, you might thing that of the others’ activities. And so?

If I have to say when I feel this… I will try to make like a different song, with the same chorus (don’t pay attention to the rhythm in case you know it…)

If I gotta confess,
I don’t like going out when it’s cold
I prefer my warm bed, my old books,
Instead of that smoky and packed disco.

I don’t want to sit on a bar full of people
Why don’t we go to someone’s house?
Walking makes me happy
I enjoy watching the same landscape every day.

I must admit I sometimes listen to Nick Carter
I sometimes watch Cartoon Network
Tom and Jerry are my favourites!

I can spend hours behind a bird, a flower
I can take thousands of pictures
And then… they die archived in my PC
And only some of them are good.

I have to study, yes.
But the DVD of Lost is calling me
I watch an episode, and then
I don’t sleep because I didn’t study.

Sometimes I wake up at 4 a.m.
Through my mind passes a great project
I turn the light on, draw, write
And do art till 7.

I have to confess that I
Can live with the same trousers everyday
I don’t like going to the hairdressers
And playing tennis makes me happy

“If it makes me happy
It can't be that bad
If it makes me happy
Then why the hell am I so sad?”

There are activities that makes one happy, so one should continue doing them, not leaving that sense die because of what people might say. To survive we need things that make us happy, little things to fulfil our lives, to make us grow, to differ us from others. If I have important activities to do, I consider also important having a break and doing what I really like, because if I don’t then my mind is a mess and I don’t manage to do what I have to. But what we need to know is when to do each one, and to manage time in order to do all we have and want to.

(Playing with letter-shaped vermicelli is funny too and it is something I enjoy..!)

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Alina Teran dijo...

Vale what a fantastic blog!!!, that posting about happiness is so like me. I will tell you a secret, I have always done what I like doing... I care too little about other people`s opinions. When I was at school this was really difficult , I felt so much presure cause if I didn`t do what all the others did, I felt like an outsider, but at the same time I felt I was decieving myself. With time and practise I learnt that these special moments are what we all persue... the so called HAPPINESS. If you add these little moments and the result is heavier than the sad ones then you have reached it many times!!!... keep on being special... the ones who really love you will respect that and worship that. be brave to be yourself!!!

Alina Teran dijo...

have you seen that movie with WILL SMITH and his real son..."THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS???. IT IS GRRRREAT!