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The greatest series I’ve ever watched – and the only one, actually. I did see other ones, one or two episodes, but none caught me as this one did. I didn’t need to watch a couple of episodes, nor a whole one. With only ten minutes of the first episode I became a complete addict!

The series is so great, that I’m sure every single one, who has watched a bit of it, has been involved in this Lostaddiction I feel. It’s really an addiction! From the very first time I saw all these characters I fell in love with each one of them, with what they did, what they thought, what they believed, what they were. They are so very different one to the other, but they are together on that island, aisled from everything, setted where nobody can find them, and they have to learn how to survive together.

Now that I’ve finished watching season 3 (thank you so much Alina!) and I know that I have to wait until February 2008, I felt like writing (once more) about Lost. I don’t want to talk much about the content of the series and this third season because I can spoil it to someone reading, but I only gotta say that I’m deceived and sad because of one event, but happy for other! A couple of tears rolled down my face in that last episode, and more doubts appeared.

It is too much time until February!! I think I will die of abstinence, intrigue, nerves… There are so many questions to be answered, so many doubts to be cleared, so many episodes still to see… But I’ll have to adjust with just reading more info at Lostpedia, doing my own predictions and being part of e-meetings.
I won’t have nothing to feel excited about, I won’t go to bed late on Mondays, I won’t discuss at lunch time with my dad and brother about that theme. No more Lost for a long time… How sad!!

I completely recommend Lost. It is really catching, has a lot to think about, to analyze, characters to love, to hate. What’s really interesting is how a character that is supposed to be “a good one” turns to be the other way, or vice versa. One of the greatest mess you find on the series is that confusion, you don’t know who to really trust in.

It’s just great! Landscapes are incredible!!

I want to go on a flight in Oceanic and fall down in that island!!
My favourites:
---------------Kate Austen-------------------------------------John Locke-------------------
--------------------Charlie Pace------------------------
Great phrases from Lost:
"You all everybody"
"Don't ever tell me what I can't do"
"Don't mistake chance with fate"
"Everything is connected"
"What we really need to survive is someone who really loves us"
"See you in another life"
"Live together, die alone"
"Having hope is never stupid if you believe things happen"
"Whatever you think I am, I'm not"


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Alina Teran dijo...

I can`t believe my eyes!! what a great review!!
I love that section of favourite phrases, specially : Don`t tell me what I can`t do!!!. the moment I hear it , the moment I am already trying to show thAt I CAN...Is that a virtue or a fault? I am not trying to play God but still ... I think we should not put lables on people. we are everything others can see on us but still I think we have so many skills to develop!! If we just give it a try things can go beyond our imagination!!
what do you think?
How about "We live together and die alone"??
Sorry for peeking, but every time I have a look at your blog I fall back like Condorito, feet up!
thank you for mentioning my blog! but it looks so insignificant compared to yours!
Can I add your blog to my recommended links in e-meetings?