miércoles, 20 de junio de 2007

The different one

I’m alive, I’m the same as every leaf but I still don’t feel like that. I am only one more. One drop in the sea, one person in the world, one leaf in the tree. I am only… but I am. I’m alive, I sway with the breeze, I feel the cold, I feel hot when the sun goes up, I feel scared, happy, different. I feel different. Different from every other, different from the rest. I live with all of them but I feel apart. They’re just like that and I am like them only to be part of the population, but I don’t feel it inside. They pretend, so do I; I have to, in order to survive. They’re all the same and I am different. Over so many known but strange shapes, I look around and I don’t find easily who’s just like me. Maybe my sight is getting worse because of solitude, frustration and hidden feelings; maybe I am not really looking for it. But suddenly from far ahead I found you there. Life joined us both, somewhere, somehow, we met. You’ve been there for so many sunsets, so many birds passing by, so many storms we’ve faced, and we never said a word. Now that life joined us I understand how things really are, we are different. They are like that, we are not. We have lived the same life, the same solitude, the same fears, and never imagined someone lived it too. Now that we are together we will face this world of strangers and we will continue being different. But now we both know we’re not alone, we’re not ‘the only one’. Between so many shapeless shapes I couldn’t find even myself. But now I have you near and we suffer the same, we enjoy the same; we’re both just as different from everybody else.

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