sábado, 9 de junio de 2007

Hard week

The week that is ending now has been a hard one. School tasks, news of the term tests, the act of the promise of the flag, “Club Colegial”, my section: sports, and many other topics have almost killed me! It has been a really hard week, full of activities, little sleep, tiredness and bad mood. I haven’t had a single time to relax myself in the whole week. I still have hanging a phone call to my dentist to tell her that I’ve taken out one of the wires of my brackets as it was pricking me, harming my mouth, and I could stand it one single day more! I haven’t had time to speak with a friend, and some elemental activities went down through my hands. I decided to go to the “Convivencia” yesterday to relax, to stop thinking in school although I had a great number of tasks to do… I went to it, and it was great! We were few, so that made it more interesting, less people bothering, and almost everybody interested in what Father Benzi was saying. It helped me a lot. Then I went to see some friends playing in two different bands, in Santa Rosa School, and I ended up really tired. My whole body was aching, but I clarified my mind, thought on other issues, spent some time with friends I hadn’t seen for some time, and now I feel I am alive again. I hadn’t had the time to write. But I even tried (I tried twice) and words didn’t manage to get out of my mind. They were inside of me but the mess of everything I had in my mind didn’t let them get out of me.
That’s why I haven’t written the whole week, and I didn’t have anything written before, ready to be posted. So here I am back, living again. But I’m afraid that this life will end up tomorrow as I start with school again and start sitting for two tests per day for two weeks from now.


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