sábado, 9 de junio de 2007

Shapes in the clouds

After a whole hour, I was still looking through the car’s window, staring at the clouds up in the sky. A dinosaur here, talking with a chicken there. Farther away there was a dragon breathing fire and next to it a humble man. When I tried to find the dinosaur again, it was gone… Now it had a crocodile’s shape. Then something was calling me, up there, yes, that was. A strange face was calling me, and cruelty showed up on it, though it had a weak shining eye. The sky was mine, the clouds, their shapes and that single star.

With my hands I moved the clouds, some felt like cotton, others like scum. I moved them from one side to the other, I made a hole in here, a line there, and modified all the funny figures. I talked with all the shapes, made great friends, and then a new story begun. New characters and new conversations appeared. Funny and interesting activity.

Suddenly a yellow phenomenon unknown to that world, interposed. Strange drawings, they were not like my clouds’. A parrot was painted on it, but it wasn’t my friend. Windows, glasses, people. It woke me up from my awaken dream. When its eternal length had passed, I tried to go back to my world up there in the sky, but it was no longer there. Everything was dark, night almost dominated the route and I couldn’t find my friends. The crocodile was not there, neither the humble man. I wanted to see one of them, even the dragon or the horrible cruel face. It made impossible for me to distinguish again all those creatures. The only solution was to imagine them. The bus disrupted my dream and a second later, night had fallen down. Damn bus that stole my sky.

Vale Becker

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