lunes, 7 de abril de 2008

Today's not a good day

My head is breaking in two, I can’t stand the pain even after taking a pill, I feel tired, sleepy, down. I have to do a work which I have been trying to do the whole weekend but it still seems to be as hard as it was last week. Time didn’t make it seem easier. And I have to do it. I have no way out and no more time to waste now. But in my head walks around the fact that I could have avoided doing it and doing an easier one instead. I regret of one of my brave acts of my last week. I feel I’m not capable of leading with it and as I will do it, I know I won’t be satisfied with my results. At least not with the results I can have doing the work today.

Quiet atmosphere at home, near people very sick, I can’t concentrate, I can’t hold the pencil still. At least not today. I’m not ok, my head still yells, my soul sweats, time goes by, I don’t get a good line with my pencils and I don’t think I will with so much going around.

Today hasn’t been a good day. But still had some great little moments that made the day liveable. I want to finish this work, I don’t care the results. I want this day to be over and tomorrow start all over again.

For now, I’ll take a cup of coffee, play some music to try get me up again and concentrate once more.

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Anónimo dijo...

Pills doesn't help. You can try fresh air. I wanna try fresh air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!