miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Sun / Rain

We all know the famous phrase that says "After every storm the sun always comes up again". That means that after every difficult situation we have in our lives, we always find happiness or comfort. The phrase shows that everything passes and we don’t have to be so sad about something because after that, everything will be ok again.

The sun and the rain are very common symbols in literature and I’ve heard another phrase using them but with a different meaning. It says: "I’ve sure enjoyed the rain, but I’m looking forward to the sun". It shows another way of looking to the times of adversity and the ‘rain’ let’s say.

It’s true that none of us like feeling bad and all what the ‘rain’ involves. We all prefer feeling ok, not suffering and enjoying what we are living. But things are not always like that and in our lives there are always bad times to live. If we didn’t have those hard times, how would we know which are the good ones? Anyway, when we suffer, we grow. With every fall, we learn. So, we might not want to live under the rain while we’re under it, but afterwards, when the sun is up again, we think back and realize that we’ve taken a lot of good points of it. We’ve grown up, we’ve learnt.

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