domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2007

Reaction to My Interpretation, by Mika

The first lines of the song My Interpretation, by Mika are:

“You talk about life,
you talk about death
and everything in between
like it's nothing.
And the words are easy”

Maybe Mika knows somebody who thinks like that, maybe he doesn’t, but I got stuck with the phrase and I though a lot about it. Reading the whole lyrics, the song is for a girl, and this girl thinks about life and death and everything in between like it was nothing. And is it really nothing? For me, life is a lot, and so it is death, so everything in between too! But here the girl talks just because the words are easy and she doesn’t feel that they mean much.

If life is nothing… then why are we here? I am now in front of a computer, writing this because I am alive… i.e. life was given to me and all I do is because of that. If I hadn’t got a life, I wouldn’t exist and anything would be possible for me. So is life really ‘nothing’? I think it’s everything!

And after living we all reach death… which is something also very important. It’s a sad moment for everybody around who is staying alive and is the end of our life on earth. Even if we believe there’s another life or not after we die, it is the end of a life and in my opinion, it’s something very important too.

Then the ‘everything in between’ is our whole life. All we do and we are on that period is our life and what goes since the moment we are born and when we die. If the ‘everything in between’ is nothing, then why should we live if we ain’t gonna do any good to the world, we won’t change anything… Should we just pass by, doing ‘nothing’ and feel okay after that? How will people remember us if our life is just ‘nothing’?

In conclusion, I still can’t understand how someone can talk about life and death and everything in between like it was nothing. And the words to describe those concepts that are really meaningful and for me are everything are not easy! We can’t just describe life or death with simple words. They’re concepts that go far beyond what we can express or understand.

Anyway, it's just "my interpretation", isnt it? :)

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