miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2007

My blog and its new beginning

Now that classes are over and we only have to sit for the last two exams – thanks to Charlie, because we should have three :P - I want to give an end to the first period of my blog and an introduction to the one that’s almost here.

This blog was created for our English class to practice writing in order to do well in the IB exams. The idea of working online and investigating a new method so close to technology really caught me from the very first time! I like a lot writing, designing, using technology, so this new opportunity was incredible for me! I’ve learned a lot about the three subjects just mentioned thanks to the blog. Now I find it easier to express myself in English, I know more or less how to deal with the HTML codes, I gave a good design to the outfit of this, I’ve investigated about a lot of things to write about, I read a lot, I made new friends, I learned how to analyze texts in details and I’ve improved in a high level my quality of writing. And all this thanks to Charlie’s crazy and so productive idea of working online! It might have sound strange the first time you told me about this new method you wanted to implement at school, but I was really caught by it. And you can see how I got involved from the very beginning!

At the beginning the blog was exclusive for school assignments, reactions to texts or books read at school, or copying and pasting old pieces of writing I already had. The blogosphere wasn’t as complex as I thought it was. It wasn’t something difficult to understand, and it started absorbing me – in a good way. I became a fanatic of changing colors and designs of the website and each time I wrote more, about more varied topics.

Everything had to be in English! That was something good in order to learn more because I had some pieces I liked a lot, but I had to translate them to post them! But at the same time, there were moments I wanted to write in Spanish because I had the sentences made up in my mind in Spanish… so I couldn’t post them on the blog… But anyway, the blog was a very good way to do homework enjoying it a lot.

Little by little, it started turning to Spanish. I posted two entries in Spanish. Then my profile was changed and I wrote it in my first language. Then some titles… Now it’s half English, half Spanish… but it’s still good! I like to have things as they started and not to change everything.

So now that there are no more classes and we are not obligated to write twice a week - although I never felt it was an obligation but a pleasure, a way of letting myself out, expressing, relaxing – my blog has been trough some changes in labels in order to continue alive.

I will keep on posting stuff written by me, by other authors, songs, videos, pics, reflections, whatever! I will post in both languages: it will depend how the inspiration reaches me… :P jaja! And this will still be alive, showing my inner self, my art, my thoughts, my world. So I can still say – or write - “Welcome to my world”.

And now’s the turn to thank you, Charlie! Look what you’ve done! This blog is all thanks to the desire you’ve always had to go forward, to walk together with technology, to always teach more and try to make the best of what we’ve got. It’s mostly thanks to you that I write nowadays, that I enjoy analyzing texts, that I understand texts better because I analyze them, that I am so fan of technology and of blogs. This year was incredibly productive and I’ve learned like in no other. I’ve learned not only about the subject, grammar, language, or whatever, but also about life, about society, literature, my own self and so many other things!
Thank you so much dear Charlie!!! You’re great!
I really appreciate you.

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Charlie (Prof. Mg. Carlos Lizarraga) dijo...

Gosh! You leave me speechless, Vale. And that´s a lot to say! Your final impressions on the blog assignment but more importantly on your experience in our class really make me so HAPPY! Needless to say, it´s been a pleasure to see how you took this idea and made it flourish beyond my own expectations. I ended up learning e-tips from you! Just as you plan to keep writing on it, even if ít´s not in English, I think I´ll keep coming here whenever I miss you or want to get in touch with you or just want to know how you are doing. THANK YOU for leaving this door to your world open to me as well! I´ll be looking forward to reading your first online collection of short stories or poems or novel! :)