sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2007

Away from the sun

Song: Away From The Sun

Group: 3 Doors Down


My analisis/reaction:
The song is about someone who lives in the dark, what means that he is not happy, suffers a lot and is feeling depressed. What the character wants is to find some light, to see the colors again and get out of that darkness in order to feel okay and live again. When we feel depressed we see everything dark, we don’t appreciate the colors of life and we want to come back to life again. And this is clearly shown in the lyrics of the song.

In the video there is a boy with a lot of stones hanging from his body, with a lot of weight, who has to climb the mountain and in order to do it, he suffers a lot. The video is very touching and it made me think about a lot of aspects in life and how we react towards them. It also made me remember of Sísifo, who I posted about here.

The boy in the video goes up the mountain three times. He has to face a lot of obstacles and different types of pain but he doesn’t care and he goes on and tries to reach the top.

The first time we see the boy going up with all the weight of his life on his back, we see that in the top of the mountain there’s a pink flower. It is almost the only color we can see in the video clip and it symbolizes that the boy wants to live again, to reach the flower and to see the colors again. Then the image of the flower disappears when the man shouts at him and makes him go back again. When we want something there is always another thing that opposes and won’t let us reach it so easily. So, this man represents that force that is always playing against us. The second time he goes up, after falling because of the man, the image of a woman appears up in the mountain. Maybe she is his mother and the evil man is his father. Maybe the boy has some problems in his family and he sees his parents like that. But the image of the woman disappears, the same as the flower, because the man takes over again and makes him fall down once more.

When looking at the boy falling down, rolling, bouncing with the dry soil and the rocks we can feel his pain. It is a very moving image to see him suffering like that. And when the other boys throw stones at him or the girls laugh at him, we want to be there and make them stop. It is all very cruel.

After so much suffering and effort the boy finally sees the sun going up and it fills him with hope, strength and pride to start climbing again. The woman appears and the man, the girls and the other boys don’t. He reaches the top, the sun is up for him and he feels so happy that the evil characters don’t show up again.

The video shows some aspects in life that makes us reflect about our acts. Sometimes we laugh at others like the girls laugh when they see the boy suffering. And sometimes we realize it’s not good to laugh but we don’t do anything, like the odd one in each group: maybe because our help will be useless because there’s a powerful force that doesn’t let us state our point and won’t listen to us, or maybe because we don’t want to be punished if we rebel or fight against the establishment. And sometimes we make the punishment others have to suffer harder, like throwing stones and making the weight they have to carry heavier, like the group of boys.
What is really worth highlighting is the boy’s strength to go on, his self reliance and strong desire to reach what he wants. He doesn’t feel completely frustrated as he goes on climbing once more although people laugh and shout at him, or throw more rocks. He doesn’t give up so the sun goes up and he finally can reach the top of the mountain. The video clip starts with a gloomy atmosphere, very dark, with little light, and finishes with the sun light taking over the whole scene.

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