domingo, 26 de agosto de 2007

The painter and his dreamt house and family

Six years ago he started building up that house. For the first time he was not going to pay rental anymore and would have his own house. He was going to be the owner of the place where his wife and he would live happily. They were going to have children. They wanted a boy and a girl. The house was going to have a swimming pool, a garage - for the car he would buy, not the bicycle – a big garden, lots of flowers.

Being a painter didn’t give him much money, but the necessary to live with his wife, who helped the tumbledown house being a maid. After lots of years of saving their money little by little, they finally started building the dreamt house. Five years eating cheap food, five years without buying clothes, without reading the newspaper, without having an ice-cream, without a coffee downtown. Five years of effort, five years of happiness. They had a boy and a girl with a year of difference, their two greatest treasures. Brick by brick, slowly and with great effort the house lifted up and the family finally moved.

One year living there, the happiest of all. Their house, no more rent; their car, no more bicycle. Now the preoccupations were taxes, education for their children, having every detail on time. Life didn’t let them live peacefully. They had lots of duties and preoccupations to go on living like a regular citizen.

And suddenly it came. It arrived from one day to the other, without telling anybody, without any warning. It just came in one second and destroyed it all. It took the dreamt house, the car, the old bicycle. It took, God knows where, the bills, the children books, their toys, the pots of paint. It just came and in one second took the woman, and her son. The hurricane destroyed it all. Destroyed houses, cars, streets, families, women, men, children, dreams, happiness, illusions. It just invaded the area, made a whole mess and disappeared again. The hurricane took his wife, his son, his car, his bicycle, his dreamt house, five years of happiness, lots of years of effort. It took his dreams, his reason for living. It took nonsense details and preoccupations as well as his job. Just when everything seemed to be going incredibly, an enormous disaster almost ended up with a great city and all what their citizens had lived, had dreamt, had done, had had.

Pic: my eye illuminated by a strange, modern and funny object I got in a 15th party. (Those things didn’t exist in our 15th times…) =P

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