martes, 21 de agosto de 2007

Constantly writing for 30 minutes: time.

Tuesday, 19:31, “Every rose has its thorn” by Guns and Roses is being played in my iTunes list and I’ll follow Charlie’s instructions about how to write on the blog for the first time. I will write about whatever comes to my mind and won’t stop moving my fingers round the keys until half an hour, or forty five minutes have passed. Let me sum up… yes, I will have to finish writing between 8 an 8:15 pm.

So, now that I was thinking of time, hours, minutes, something came to my mind. A reflection a friend of mine (Joaku, whose birthday is today!) did about time. When is it that one second ends up to let the other one arrive? One day ends, the following starts just at the same time. But when exactly? Well, we have to pay attention to the hours, to the minutes, to the seconds if we want to be precise. But what if we want to be even more precise? We can analyse the little parts in which a second is divided, because many of those parts make up one second. For example, one second is made up of a thousand milliseconds… and at the same time those milliseconds are made up of other small pieces of time… even smaller. And that’s how time is made up. We can divide time in infinite parts, so there’s not such moment in which one time device ends up to let the other start. That’s why my friend concluded that time was an “asíntota” (I lost some seconds looking the word up in the dictionary and I didn’t find it). The “asíntota” is that line to which the graphic in axis “cartesiano” (failed when looking it up, again) gets each time closer but never touches it. The units of the axis get each time smaller, but the graphic never reaches the “asíntota”. So, that’s the same as time. Time devices get each time smaller and we really don’t know when one ends up to let the other one start. Our human senses aren’t so perfect as to catch that moment, if there is one.

I turn my eyes to the bottom right of my screen and I find the numbers 19:44. I still have some time… Again to time… Well, I’ve just finished with my physics homework. Yes! Exactly an hour ago, I started it! So, at 18:45 I was starting with that… What was I doing an hour before that? 17:45… I was round the internet, leaving comments on fotologs, posting something in mine and reading some e-mails after having my chocolate milk with biscuits. I was a bit sleepy, as I’m still now… I will go on with my whole day, hour per hour… Let’s see… 16:45… I was playing volleyball at school! I didn’t watch my clock while doing it, as it hurts my arm when the ball hits me just there. But, yes, I was playing volleyball and my team was loosing… only few scores behind the other one! Jeje We lost both matches, but not with much difference.. It was not one of our good days! =) (I was sleepy again). One hour before… 15:45 break had just finished, and I was waiting for Silvia Bartolucci and Laurita Cararcedo with Anto, to talk with them about going tomorrow to see the play Drácula. Maybe I was yet talking with them… and Silvia told us we couldn’t, as we needed to be at school to listen the other proposals of the Garbage Proyect. Then, 14:45. Maths test! I was surely struggling with one single exercise that I couldn’t make out. I handed in my test some minutes before 3 pm, so by that time I was finally getting the right way to the exercise. 13:45 I was on the taxi on my way to school, maybe talking with Sofi López Rubio, one of the ones I go with, about the musical the school is preparing. Before that, at 12:45 I was having lunch, a great hamburger at home, with mom and my two brothers. TV very loud with a guy talking about football and me and my mom talking about my morning at school and complaining about the TV volume. 11:45… In Maths class, revising for the test I had on the afternoon. 10:45 I was bored in Lalo’s philosophy class, waiting for the bell to ring, and very hungry.. =P Then, 9:45 we were in groups with Lalo, preparing some arguments in favour and against a topic… 8:45 it was English class… By that time we were surely analysing two texts as exercise for the IB… 7:45, I was again in the taxi, arriving to school, but this time very awake. 6:45… I was happily sleeping, 15 minutes before the alarm clock started pipipi pipipi pipipi!!!

It’s 20:02 now… and Simply Red with “If you don’t know me by now” is on the loudspeaker. I think on what I have to do now… History! Hhmm ¬¬ I’m already sleepy… I don’t want to imagine after doing the summary about Cámpora and Perón’s third government… I don’t like studying Argentine history… I liked a lot the World Wars… but this topic… It doesn’t attract me…

Oh! A great song has just started!! Mick Jagger and Sheryl Crow sing “Old habbits die hard”, the soundtrack of the film Alfie (which now that I think of it, I never finished watching it!)… and I want to sing too!! “Old habbits die haaaaaaaard. Old soldiers just faaaade away”…! And so on..! I love that song!!

Well… Now I’m definitely speaking nonsense… What time is it? 20:07. I’m in the rank (is that “rango”? I look up in the dictionary… yes!) I placed when I stated writing…

Now I will reread all this and post it!!


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