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Iván Noble in Tucumán ·· Santa Rosa School Week 2007

Friday, August 24th, excitement around. Vale Marún, Anto and Chechu came home to have lunch – pizza!! – and we went to the Campus of Santa Rosa School. We arrived at 22:15 and presentators were starting. The winners of the different sports showed up in the stage and Elephant Sexual Chocolate, the band of a friend of us, started the night. Some changes had to be made in the band, as the singer left, so Rodri is the new singer – and he does it really well. Energy grew incredibly in the crowd and we had to wait with all our excitement while watching the video of the class. The presenters again to stage and seconds later, the ex singer of Caballeros de la Quema was being deafened with applauses and shouts.

Iván Noble started singing at 23:20. Blue jeans, a black t-shirt with some red drawings, his curly hair not as long as he used to have it. He has been up in stage for an hour and a half in a very enjoyable and full of energy show. I really don’t know how many people was there, but it was a very good audience: enthusiastic, noisy, knew most of the lyrics, sung, jumped, and didn’t make any disturbance. A small “pogo” showed up in some of the songs, with boys and girls who jumped and sung, but didn’t bother much the ones around. The night went on with some old songs and classics of the Caballeros de la Quema, like “Oxidado”, “Un minuto antes de dejar de quererte” and “Sapo de otro pozo”, as well as new ones like “Olivia”, and “Bienbenito” – dedicated to his son. The crowd was calm in order to problems that could have appeared, and there were young people and adults bringing back some memories too. Iván and his band got off the stage twenty minutes before 1 am not having sung Avanti morocha. After a lot of noise, applauses, whistling and shouting, they came back again and ended the show with their most famous song.

This was the moment when I had to leave everything there. Iván Noble is one of the few national artists I really like, so it was an unique oportunity. ValeMé lifted me on her shoulders and I sung more than half of the song up there, at the same level of Iván. He looked at me while I sung with my hands up in the air and he smiled at me!! I felt so crazy up there... but it was an incredible sensation! Thank you so much Vale!! I shouted, I sung, I jumped, I enjoyed and I met him!

It was a really great show.

Rodrigo Posse ·· Elephant Sexual Chocolate

Iván Noble
Un minuto antes de dejar de quererte:
Sapo de otro pozo:
Avanti morocha:

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