jueves, 19 de julio de 2007

Don't ask me to speak in public

Don’t ask me to speak in public because I won’t. In case I do it, I won’t give my best, I won’t say all I know, I will forget important themes. You’ll see me constantly moving; my hands won’t stay steel, my eyes will go through almost everything. And if there is a considerable amount of people listening, air won’t enter properly to my lungs as my heart will get out of my body beating.

Give me a pencil and a sheet of paper and all my ideas will be expressed there. Give me a keyboard and the same will happen. All I have inside of me will be written down and anything will be left. You’ll understand much more, I will feel more comfortable and ideas will know how to organize themselves and go out as they have to.

I hate speaking! But I know that is something I have to beat, and every day I am trying to… but I find it a bit difficult.

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