domingo, 15 de julio de 2007

Cloud, mountain, sun

When you don’t know what is really happening, who is guilty, what to feel, what to think, to believe. You’re not pretty sure what to say, what to do. When I see this landscape I am not sure about many things…
Is it the cloud that devours the mountain? Or is it the mountain that opens its mouth and swallows the whole cloud slowly? Why is that depressed-looking light-blue thing up there? Why did it cover my view? I want to see the sun again, once more.
I don’t know if the cloud devours the mountain or vice versa. They attack each other, they superimpose, one behind the other, an endless war. Rain is not threatening, but still a huge cloud steals my mountain, my sunshine. Blue mountain, blue cloud. Very similar, so friendly you seem, but now let the sun come back. Cloud, don’t steal my mountain. Mountain, don’t steal my cloud. You both, don’t steal the sun!


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