viernes, 4 de mayo de 2007

Your indifference, grey creature

Everything irritates you, you shout
You fight with every single thing
You are pessimist, you are grey
And you transmit that pessimism.

Nothing is real for you,
Nothing catches your attention
You don’t feel passion towards
Absolutely anything in life.

You don’t care, you don’t mind.
You just can’t look up to the sky
You just don’t realize that the moon
Is there, up in the sky, shinning for you.

The moon wants you to change,
But you give a damn and you look down.
You still have your eyes in something else
You don’t care about anything
All I mention is indifferent to you.

‘The sky is full of shinning stars!’
‘And so..? Why should I care?’
‘Hey, look! The cat is yawning!’
‘His problem… not mine’
‘Wow! Look that wonderful flower!’
‘Interesting’ with a serious face.

You don’t care about anything
You just live and spend your life living.
The way you live is not interesting

The path of life continues, and
When you’ll open your eyes,
It will all have ended, and you’ll regret.

You’re so grey, anything matters to you
You walk, you walk, and never stop
You go on and you don’t look around.

Your absolutism irritates me
Your dark way of seeing life
Racism, your black path, black life.
Everybody is imperfect, but you.

Everything is indifferent to you
You don’t have passion towards anything
Your head looking straight,
What’s on your sides, not your business.

You don’t look up to the sky,
You don’t look down to the flowers.
You never find a single shape in the clouds,
You never analyse water movements.

You contradict everything,
You are so ironic, pessimist.
Close-minded people never learn,
They just don’t interact with others.

What’s not by your side, is rubbish,
All men are grey, all woman are ugly.
It is commercial and without significance.
You don’t like it, it is rubbish.
You don’t like it, throw it, insult it.

You’re just a grey creature.
I won’t do what you say
I just don’t listen to your stupidities
I know the contradictory you are.

I am firmly affirmed to earth
I know what I want, I know what I like
And what you say doesn’t have
Even a little influence in what I really am.

Go on as you like, go on as you are.
Grey creatures are ignored,
Indifferent you are, indifference you’ll get.
Go on insulting, I just don’t hear you anymore

You’ve never said something good
And it is very difficult to change
That impression in people.

Go on as you like,
You are the one who loses.
Just walk ahead, don’t look aside
Life will pass by and then you will regret.

Just stop bringing me down
And stop the anger that grows inside of me,
The feeling of emptiness that fills me
Whenever you get closer.

Continue your black path
But make it go far from mine
We will never ever get on well.

Vale Becker

2 comentarios:

=`.´= dijo...

Ok, well... noone's perfect, right?

Charlie (Prof. Carlos Lizarraga) dijo...

Wow! Looks like you were really mad! Sorry, I mean, the speaker is really mad! Still it's good to let it all out...