viernes, 25 de mayo de 2007

The marbles

A video clip I saw like a year ago, came back to my mind today and it inspired me to write.

Many marbles, each one different from the other, were thrown from the same box, at the same moment, through the street. The box opened and all of them went running down the alley at the same speed. Some seconds later the difference became noticeable; a group was ahead, the other one behind, running and jumping slower. As they were all rolling down, some of them got stuck in dark corners, others got wet in a puddle and some even got into a hole. The race had each time less competitors. Some of them fully concentrated, others just going down as the ground took them. When all the marbles, had stopped their way, had given up the challenge, there was only one that stood still, proudly ahead. It wasn’t that it was so incredible; it just knew how to roll down, how to keep on going, how to go on and never giving up.

Relate it with whatever you want… I did it with some situations…


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