miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2007

After camping with 1st grade

I wanted to go camping with children since the first time I went with older ones. It was a dream for me to have that experience. Now that I got the chance to do it, I didn’t hesitate and went to Alpa Puyo last Monday and Tuesday. The place brought back a lot of memories, as well as the activities we did. It was a common camping but with a different point of view. I was not a student, I was a teacher. It was really great to have this experience. I worked a lot and got back home really tired, but the experience was unique. I love children and I think that after this I have the patience I need to become a kindergarten teacher! Jajaja!! No, that is not my plan for the future...

They run everywhere
Shout, run, talk, smile
And they never get tired

Their faces are dirty
As well as their hands
Their hair is a mess
But they don’t care
They just go on playing

With a ball, a teddy bear
Or holding your hand
They feel safe, far from harm
They want their parents
But they’ve got you now

There is always a why
You have to answer
And if you don’t, then
‘Why don’t you know?’

They are so innocent
You can see it on their faces
They are happy, they smile
If they cry is because
They miss their families
But not such problems they have

She likes him and he likes her,
That’s what their friends say
That’s what they talk about
That’s what they sing out loud

Suddenly you are in that world
You become part of it
But not completely
You understand how things used to be
You see a child’s life differently
You see yourself differently
You realize how things really used to be
You find yourself in that world
But you don’t really belong
Despite they want you to belong

You contemplate how they behave
You contemplate your past
Old memories come back
The same place, a different group
The same old activities, games
But now, you are much older
Hide and seek is not interesting,
Who shouts louder has no sense

You see them having so much fun
You see your past
You want to be like them
You used to be like them
Now you can’t get back
You can only remember
And still contemplate innocence,
Happiness, free faces
True selves, children.

Vale Becker

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cons dijo...

hahahahahaha! what a pic! and there's my sis.. hehe.. seems like u had fun in Alpa Puyo!!! loved the poem... sometimes i think and feel as u do... i miss my childhood my games.. my songs.. my little friends.. the boys i liked.. hihi! :P i play with debo sometimes and i pretend that im a child again! we have so much fun we laugh about things that people of my age say "stupid things" well i say "whatever"!! i love playing with my sis..! she's so inocenet like u said... and u describe the feeling of that experience so well!.. i really liked the poem... well ill something on another "entrada"..hahah ( dont know how to say it in english)