sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2007

Goodbye my old friend

Since I felt that same joke was no longer funny
I knew the moment had come.
Since the same old game was nonsense
I felt that it was time to grow up,
To analyse, to understand and to start over again.
Things had changed, time had passed, my body was a new one.
I had grown up and what my brother still played
Was not funny anymore.

As many loved things had to be left behind
I knew it was time to say goodbye to my best friend.
That creature who had the shape I imagined,
Played the games I wanted
Said what I needed to listen and
Was with me when no one else was.
It was time to say goodbye to him,
To the person only I could see, only I could love.

It was time to grow up, it was time to move forward
And imaginary friends don’t live forever.
It was time to let him go, to let him fly.
Just like no one ever knew he was with me,
No one ever knew when he arrived,
No one ever realised that I let him go.
I didn’t kill him. We didn’t die without each other.
It was just a new experience, a new beginning
And there were children that needed him more than I did.

Pic: my brother Tomás
photographed by me

2 comentarios:

Tomás dijo...

What a sad moment, and I don´t say it just because she/he had to say good bye to his imaginary friend but because he was growing up. Growing, a word that is sounding in my head since some months ago. I´m denying the fact that I´m an (almost) "adult" now, that I have responsabilities and things to do and take care. I´m trying to win all that time that I had lost when child, when I used to think that being big (or at least an 18-year old) should be great.

Oh Growing, those seven letters...

Milena dijo...


Pues, bueno nada mas queria felicitarte por tan lindos escritos que has puesto aca. Me ha impacto un poco este, pues he escuchado mucho acerca de amigos imaginarios y a aum mas en mi ultimo curso de psicologia en la secundaria. Pero esta muy lindo el mensaje que se ve de tras fondo, creciendo!I really enjoyed reading through it.

Blessings many in Christ!