domingo, 7 de octubre de 2007

Intelligence vs. heart

My head thinks of the problems
While it tries to find solutions.
Mi shadow needs your company,
My soul is looking for happiness,
Mi legs want to run,
My eyes need to cry.
Mi body wants to fly,
My imagination just imagines
That one day you’ll arrive.
My hands have to work,
My obligations, I can’t leave them.
My intelligence shouts “No!”
But my heart only needs you.
Inteligencia vs. corazón

Mi cabeza piensa en mis problemas
Mientras busco soluciones.
Mi sombra necesita de tu compañía,
Mi alma busca la felicidad,
Mis piernas quieren correr,
Mis ojos necesitan llorar.
Mi cuerpo quiere volar,
Mi imaginación sólo fantasea
Que algún día puedas llegar.
Mis manos deben trabajar,
Mis obligaciones, no las puedo dejar.
Mi inteligencia grita “¡No!”
Pero mi corazón sólo te quiere a vos.

2 comentarios:

The Beginner dijo...

Muy lindo! Si lo escribiste... TE FELICITO sino, muy bueno haberlo leido en tu blog!

The Beginner dijo...

Hey Valentina! wuz up? when are you gonna write some more? I'm excited to read some new Valentina's poetry. I've been checking most of your blog, very nice stuff (except that your a Sabato reader ;-) don't like it too much). CONGRATS!

I'm just learning (a Beginner...) I really want to get better on my writing. Much to work on it!

I like your city, Tucuman. I've been there a few time, just a few hours, waiting to catch up a bus.

Tell me more about you, were did you learn how to write? Whats your email? Can I write you?