domingo, 14 de octubre de 2007

Some days after ending up with my art exhibition

Personal reaction about doing IB on Arts
Doing IB on Arts was my dream since I was in 7th grade and I saw the 'grown ups' set their expositions. I didn't understand completely what it was, but the idea of being free to do some works and then to have a space for my own to express what I wanted, to set up what I felt like, was very interesting. Years went by and one of my favourite times of every year was when these expositions took place at school and I loved to take a look at all of them. I went more than once to each. The good part was that the ones that made IB on Arts coincided with the people who were closest to me, so I always helped them.

IB on Arts taught me a lot; not only about Arts but also about how to express myself in different ways, how to analyse other people’s intentions, and it made me be aware of the aspects I like the most about the Arts. It is an unforgettable experience that took me a lot of time of these last two years, made me feel very tired more than once and was my company in many nights of insomnia. Although I felt I wouldn’t be able to do it more than once, I don’t regret about anything and I happily can say that I did it!

I worked for two years and the last week, when setting up the exposition, was really exhausting! The rectangle that I had for myself turned out into my home for a week, the Petrobrass was my breakfast place, and my partners were my family.

When I finally saw everything ready, I took a deep breath and couldn’t believe it! I was one more on the IB on Arts! I finally could say I did the IB, because for the first time I could see all my work up there, tidily hanging from the walls and expressing myself, showing all my work of two years. It was an incredible sensation when I finally saw everything ready. That was when I could finally take a deep breath and feel happy and calm after so much time! But after three days of being my exposition there, opened for the public and after a week of working so hard, not sleeping, not eating, it was really sad to take everything down again.

Anto wanted to go quickly from the exposition and I wanted to stay. She asked ‘Why do you like so much to stay here?’ Just because I like to see all my work up there! I finally can contemplate all what I did with only one glance. Every single dot and every single line was made by my hands and I love to see that everything went ok and that all my work is there! I loved to sit down in the floor, with all the tiredness, sleep and nerves being carried on my back and just looking at my works. I didn’t have anything more to analyse on them, I knew them completely, but I still liked to contemplate them. It was an incredible sensation to have everything there!

Although feeling so sad because I had to take everything down after so little time, I was incredibly happy. A dream was there, in that rectangular place where my soul was expressed out. The fact of setting up an exposition where people I invited – and people I didn’t – went and take a look at my works, was spectacular! Different were the motivations of each one, but the happiness when every single person entered to that place, was incredible. And afterwards, receiving congratulations from people I didn’t know that had been there, it was all just a huge happiness.

I want to thank to all the people who helped me with the setting up of the place, the people who went to the exhibition, the people who let me know they’ve been there while I wasn’t and to the ones that wanted to go and for different reasons, couldn’t. Thank you all!!! I really appreciate all you did! Love you all!

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