domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

When are you coming home?

Poem written after having seen a situation down the street that inspired me.

When are you coming home?

Here I am, sitting in the grass
Watching the rain as it falls down.
My head is aching, I’m getting wet.
When are you coming home?

Drop by drop, they fall down on me
Tear by tear, I cry for you.
Do you know you rock my world?
So I’ll wait as the rain falls down on me.

Until you come, I’ll be here
Down the rain, waiting for you
My head is breaking in two, I’m cold
When are you coming home?

Watching time passing by
Watching drops falling down
Watching the sky becoming dark
Watching my tears falling down

And I’m still waiting for you
Wondering if you’ll ever come back
I’m cold, I’m wet, sad, hurt
When are you coming back?

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Hey! I'm glad to find someone around this blog-thing whose interests match mine's.

Just give me a couple of days to read all of your poetry (hardly have time to post in my own blog), although I like what I've seen so far.

This one's a good poem. The empathy feeling is growing over here.

Emm.. just a little thing.. why is your blog almost entirely written in english? And why am I posting a comment in english anyway? ^_^

See ya.


cons dijo...

hi vale! here i am! sometimes i like to mix my tears with the rain... its a very good poem.. i even could imagine you in the rain.. waiting for someone you know that will never come... im sad today.. one of those days.. i just passed by to say that i loved your poem.. and to let you know that i wrote a poem too!!! on my blog.. and it's bloody.. but dont get me wrong... it's just that i heard a song by cafe tacvba ("desperte", in case you are now curious) and i wanted to write something related.. so i did.. well that's all..

(esta muy bueno tu disfraz de tita)

hehe beso

Milena dijo...

"When are you coming back" I love this one, i guess i have a little bit of a poet in me, but i am still trying to find time and inspiration in a busy life i have... But i would say i have such a good imagination, so as i was reading your writing i could place myself as ii i was there in the scenery you are describing!

Amazing how words speak louder sometimes! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!