sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2007

If I had my own house…

I’ve been thinking… what would I do if I had my own house? If I lived alone? Well, let’s see… I would:
• Put in the whole house a sound system, with loudspeakers in all the rooms in order to never stop listening in whichever room I am and go to
• Listen to music very loud whenever I wanted
• Eat everyday only what I like
• Have lunch at the small table, while reading a book or a magazine
• Eat alone all the deserts I cook :P
• Use the toothpaste tidily, from the back part to the opening
• Shout my favourite song once in a while with no one near to remind me I don’t sing well
• Have my shower at 3a.m. if I want to
• Play the guitar with my bedroom door opened and at any time I want
• Sleep until my body or my alarm-clock tells me to wake up – not waking up with my brothers’ discussions before that
• Drink Coke every single day
• Talk alone out loud
• Draw something in each wall
• Not have three football balls rolling round the whole house
• Buy always peach jam; and plum never more
• Choose my own meal times
• Not suffer the smell of spinach being cooked
• Hang the coat hanger to the side I want
• Put the soap with the letters to above

I am a bit meticulous, retailer, obsessive, paranoiac, I know… :P
But I also know that I would not have my mom to cook some great meals I love… my dad to fix some electrical problems, my brother to tell very bad jokes that make me laugh, my little brother to hug and kiss… I wouldn’t have company whenever I needed it… but I wouldn’t have anybody bothering me with whatever! ;)
… Still I would really like to live alone! :)

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