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Tribute to Queen: Doctor Queen, April 19th 2007, Alberdi Theatre, Tucumán.

Last year a tribute to Queen came to Tucumán. I never got the news on time and I saw the advertisement when the show had already passed. A friend of mine went to it and told me how wonderful it had been. Then, talking about Queen with my aunt, she told me that she had been in Santiago del Estero to the same show, and it had been spectacular. I felt really sad because I couldn’t go to it, until Wednesday from last week, when my new friend, Anita, told me that Doctor Queen was coming to Tucumán again.
When she first told me I thought it was the following Thursday, and I had something to do, so I was sad again, thinking of my bad luck. Then she told me that it was on Thursday 19th! So I was happy again and I wouldn’t miss it under any circumstance!
The day arrived and I went to Alberdi Theatre with my mom, since none of my friends wanted, or could go (Juli Isas went, but with her boyfriend). Mom bought the tickets and we joined the line. I was feeling very excited as I was going to reach the nearest that could be reached to my dream of seeing Queen live.
In the line I met Anita, my online friend, and her friend Gaby, which was very exciting too! Anita was with her godmother, who turned to be a friend of my mother!! So we stayed together, talking until we entered, and we placed in the same box.
It was the first time I saw Doctor Queen (the band that made the tribute) and I realized that they are great imitators!! ‘Freddie’ was the same as the real one! The same moustache, the same hair, very similar! He is a bit bigger in body shape, but makes the same movements!! He lifts his hand in the air with all his energy, sings with the microphone with a long stick, puts his head backwards, lifts one leg. He even places one foot ahead, the other behind, and moves the one that’s ahead insistently… the same movements! The customs were very similar, all those tight t-shirts and trousers, haven’t been absent; then ‘Freddie’ appeared dressed as a woman with a plume for I want to break free, then with black and old fashioned glasses, then a black suit… ‘Freddie’ even appeared with the Flash Gordon t-shirt! Finally, he ended up the show dressed as a King, as Freddie many times did.
So, the production was really good! And the musicians of the band were great too! The show has been an hour and a half and they interpreted some of the best songs, one of themselves, a drum solo and a guitar solo, which were incredible! The whole show was incredible. Obviously, I wanted more and more songs… but if they would have had to sing all my favourites, they would have never finished! Jeje.
When I first saw ‘Freddie’ I felt a strange feeling inside of me. I was happy to be there, in a concert of Queen… but it was not Queen… it was Doctor Queen. I was enormously happy though, as it was the only possibility to see live one of them. I tried to forget the fact that they were ‘Doctor Queen’ and not ‘Queen’, but it was really difficult. They are great imitators, and ‘Freddie’ is the best on that stuff, but Queen is Queen, and Queen has been only one and can’t be replaced by anyone. I enjoyed the show a lot because it was something I wanted to see from a long time ago, and finally I could!
While watching the show, concentrated so I didn’t miss a thing and then I have many things to remember of, the songs entered directly to my heart and soul. They made me vibrate, feel all the energy and messages that only Queen can, by CDs. I had already understood that I was not at a Queen’s show, but the songs I was hearing, being so well interpreted, were from them and had the real essence. The lyrics were in my head, the notes in my soul, and the rhythm was being followed by my heart. It’s amazing what this Doctor Queen provoked on me.
I felt as I was at one of those big shows in a stadium, with thousands of people choiring the songs and answering what Freddie asked. I know it was ‘Jorge’, not Freddie, but the show was wonderful, and these guys got in me the feeling they want people to feel. Queen is a unique band, incomparable with anything, but Doctor Queen is a good tribute band and can transmit in people all the energy that Freddie, Roger, Brian and John could. When the concert finished I only thought about a ‘Show must go on’. That phrase tells everything!
Congratulations to Doctor Queen, and come again to Tucumán, because I will be present there!

These are the pics from last night, at the Alberdi Theatre:

Freddie Mercury's movements

I want to break free - dressed like a woman

Dressed up as a superhero, with the same cape Freddie used

Gaby, the guitarist and me

Now with 'Freddie' (Jorge, Jorgiiilooo)

The drummer

Papa Frita, Anita and me

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=`.´= dijo...

You rock girl!!!
I wouldn't have said it better!!!
But, there's something I want to correct, the tribute band's name is "One" (it comes from "there can be only one" from the song "Gimme the prize" or the song "One vision", both from the record "A kind of magic"), all related to how unique Queen is; and Dr. Queen is Jorge Busetto :), because he is a cardiologist.
I love to share the love for Queen with such a wonderful young woman, you remind of myself when I was younger more and more every day!
I'm glad we met at such a great event, and you to share that feeling with me.
See you soon!