domingo, 22 de abril de 2007

Reaction to the radio programme about workaholics

The programme was about people that work a lot, different ways of working, the results of it, productivity, and everything related to multitasking.
Joe is a technological man as he multitasks a lot. He IMs while checking mails and making phone calls; and he even types e-mails while driving! I think that multitasking is an interesting way to reduce the time at the computer, for example, but he must be careful, because typing an e-mail while driving can be really dangerous.
Then we have Christina, who uses less technology than Joe. She has two cell phones, one for work and the other personal. I think this is a good method in order to control personal calls from work calls. But I find a bit uncomfortable to be with two cell phones with me, and some people might get mad when one rings and they don’t know if it is one or the other…
Something that caught my attention was the fact that people in the same house, but in different rooms, IM to each other whenever they need to say something. At first I thought it was terrible to be that near and though be connected by a screen! I imagined that they told each other important things but via Internet in order to avoid shyness or any feeling that they didn’t like while talking face to face. That looked terrible! It is very bad for the family, for society, for the relationship, for everything! But then I understood better the fact and I got in favour of it. Why should one be shouting, moving out of the room and disconcerting from the work if we can give a message typing it? I find it interesting if it is well used and taking the advantages from it. If you have to say that dinner is ready, you should use IMs, but if you have a problem and you must discuss an important subject, you should tell it personally, not from behind a screen. So, I like the method if it is well used, in moderation.
Another theme that caught my attention was ‘working from wherever and whenever’. It sounds good! You can work at home, at a bar, in the beach, or next to your swimming-pool! This is a good way to work more comfortably than in the usual way and taking the rests you want, whenever you need them. It is true that trust is needed and without it, this couldn’t be done, but I would like to work this way. I prefer choosing my environment of work, the timetable I prefer and not being in a packed room with many people talking and asking questions, a lot of telephones ringing… I prefer being where I like, changing the place once in a while and in this way I know I would concentrate a whole lot better. All this has a great advantage! As in the programme was said, when Bestbuy took up this method they worked a lot more and better, there were improvements in productivity and health of the employees.
In the radio programme I learned about people that are workaholics and need to be connected with their customers all the day (like Greg, who wired his entire home) and others who don’t. Also about people who multitask in a high level, and others that simply use technology the necessary. I multitask but not with any kind of activity, only when I am in the computer, because with other activities I get mad! According to the new method of ‘working from wherever and whenever’ I like it, and I’m sure it is productive, but it can’t be done with any kind of work… So, if you can do it with yours, go ahead!


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