miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007

Please Come Back (Poem)

Last year in Literature, with Janine, we learned about poetry. I really like poetry! I hadn’t read poems in English until last year, and it wasn’t as hard as it seemed at the beginning. I am used to read poetry in Spanish, not in English, but the activity has been really interesting and helpful! When we finished the topic we had to write a poem. I had already written a couple of them in English, but I had them all at home, and we needed to finish them in the same class, so I couldn’t hand in one of the prewritten ones. I made a new one, but I must say that it has a lot of things from older poems I had written. I took some good phrases or ideas from other ones, and made a new (broken hearted) poem, which was not biographic; different as most of mine.

So, here it is…

Please Come Back

When I’m without you
I feel like a flower without petals
As lonely as a man in the desert,
Please come back.

I’m always thinking of you
Trying to talk with you
Wishing you’d forgive me
Please come back.

My eyes die without yours
My heart is missing you
Don’t forget my love for you
Please come back.

Every night I dream your hugs
All day I think of your kiss
Who are you with now?
Please come back.

I only want you to know
I’ll be right here waiting for you
Please forgive me and
Please come back.


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